Attorney Profile

Frederick R. Remer began practicing law in 1972, focusing initially on election law matters before working on a variety of cases in the areas of family law, personal injury and criminal defense.

Today, he focuses almost exclusively on criminal defense, providing exceptional representation to adults and minors who face all types of charges.

Mr. Remer has established strong ties to the Alameda County area, and he has earned a stellar reputation among prosecutors, judges and other key figures in legal communities throughout Northern California.

"Fred Remer is a 'legal counselor' because he goes a step beyond what might be expected and actually counsels his clients on the whole issue, including broad ramifications and options, rather than just focusing on each narrow legal issue. His style is to get right to the point and solve the problem efficiently, while still addressing outside factors that could impact the outcome."
— Marie B.

He is highly regarded as an attorney who brings a creative and knowledgeable approach to every case. Often, this allows him to resolve matters efficiently without going to trial, which reduces the cost to his clients in terms of attorney fees as well as time spent fretting about their future.

If a fair agreement cannot be reached, however, Mr. Remer is a trial-tested lawyer who always stands ready to defend his clients in court if it is in their best interest.

Mr. Remer is an active member of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). He has appeared on national forums in which he has been highly critical of local and federal authorities expending more time, energy and money prosecuting minor marijuana crimes than the crimes warrant.

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