Why Hire A DUI Attorney

Whether the DUI charge you face in an Alameda County court is your first or your third, don't think for a minute that saving money by representing yourself before a judge is going to end well. You wouldn't try to roof your own home or pose as its amateur electrician. You wouldn't attempt to fix your own car or computer, or correct a plumbing problem at a relative's house.

You need to reach out to the most experienced, client-focused drunk driving defense attorney you can find in the East Bay. Then and only then can you say you gave yourself every chance.

In Hayward and surrounding areas, the insightful, skillful advocate for your rights after a DUI arrest is Frederick R. Remer. This committed, client-focused defense attorney has successfully represented people just like you for more than 40 years.

The Law Offices of Frederick R. Remer is your friend and champion throughout an often complex, contentious legal process. You know you will receive the very best of Mr. Remer's proven abilities at inspection of your charges, detection of dubious police procedures, analysis of inadmissible evidence, negotiations with prosecutors and, start to finish, zealous protection of your rights and California driving privileges.

No matter how serious the charges against you — DUI first offense or alcohol-related vehicular homicide, or anything in between — and no matter how high the odds seem stacked against you, Mr. Remer is in your corner, sunup to sundown, dedicated to putting this crisis behind you.

DUI Defense Is No Do-It-Yourself Project — Contact Hayward Lawyer Frederick R. Remer

Hiring a DUI lawyer is the wise and right thing to do. Now the task is attorney selection, retaining a defense specialist who brings a lifelong reputation for results. In the East Bay, that accomplished legal professional is Frederick R. Remer. His quality legal services are just a phone call away at 510-342-5539. You can also communicate with us by email message.