Consequences Of A Domestic Violence Conviction

Local, statewide and federal courts across the country are showing less patience with domestic violence defendants than ever before. In the majority of jurisdictions, any complaint of violence or abuse inside the home — directed at a spouse, relative, boyfriend, girlfriend or child — will result in someone being taken to jail.

This is where we come in — The Law Offices of Frederick R. Remer in Hayward.

Frederick R. Remer has helped hundreds of falsely accused domestic violence clients in the East Bay and Northern California. He is a lawyer with focus, tenacity and commitment to your cause. And because he is a "straight shooter," he wants you to know that a domestic violence conviction can result in consequences such as:

  • Revocation of your right to own a firearm
  • Restrictions on your ability to see your child or children after a divorce
  • Impediments to getting and holding a job, and to housing opportunities
  • Damage to immigration status

And those are just four of the ways your legal status can be harmed if a conviction for domestic violence mars your life. Other punishments include incarceration, hefty fines that drain your bank accounts and a criminal record that won't go away. If your charges include a sex crime, you may wind up in danger of mandatory sex offender registration, which makes you a marked person in your community, after a debt to society has been paid.

Almost 45 Years Of Criminal Defense Experience On Your Side In Alameda County

When The Law Offices of Frederick R. Remer is representing you, our respected law firm's founder takes charge of your case immediately — investigating, educating, updating, negotiating and litigating if necessary. Mr. Remer offers you the benefits of every resource at his disposal, the facts you need about what your facing and thoughtful counsel that leads to sound decisions.

During his decades of successful service to domestic abuse clients from all walks of life, Frederick R. Remer has capitalized on his access to investigative experts, police reports about your arrest and harmonious relationships with prosecutors. He thoroughly explores every avenue to detect and expose flaws in the prosecution's case, while highlighting every positive in your own.

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Speak only to your attorney about the domestic violence charges against you. Do not engage in in-person, phone, email or text conversations with any other interested party, whether or not you are in custody. Do not talk to the alleged victim; do not engage with him or her in any way. Require anyone reaching out to you to leave a taped message. Then keep and record these messages, because they can play an enormous role in adjudication of domestic violence matters.

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