Asset Forfeiture Matters

Did a law enforcement agency such as the DEA seize a significant amount of your money during or after your criminal arrest for a drug crime such as marijuana trafficking?

Asset forfeiture is one of the more vicious punitive tactics carried out by the authorities in California and nationally. Your main and perhaps final line of defense against this kind of treatment is a skilled, client-committed criminal law attorney with a reputation for standing up to this kind of tyranny.

In Alameda and Contra Costa counties, that battle-tested trial lawyer is Frederick R. Remer, founder of The Law Offices of Frederick R. Remer in Hayward. If, for instance, police are seeking to benefit from action taken against your unlicensed grow house, or a warrant-less raid on your home, Mr. Remer will aggressively defend your interests, in and out of court.

With the benefit of almost 45 years in the legal profession, Frederick R. Remer knows the hard-and-fast deadlines featured in the asset forfeiture legal process. He knows how to respond to these deadlines in a timely manner. He knows what goes into winning back your assets and property. Most importantly, Mr. Remer knows how to get results for his drug offense clients.

Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer Protecting Victims Of Asset Forfeiture

Access to your money in the form of cash and bank accounts is the major motivation for law enforcement in drug cases. But authorities have also been known to confiscate motor vehicles, real estate, aircraft and watercraft — you name it, they've taken it.

In certain instances, a suspect or defendant could be wiped out financially, unable to afford credible defense representation. If this situation sounds familiar, if it describes yours after an arrest for cultivation, manufacture, importation, smuggling or any other serious drug charge, you need to be in touch with Frederick R. Remer right away.

Mr. Remer has the facts you need: about the concept of "probable cause," about the connection between property possession and alleged illegality, about the depths that law enforcers will sink to, in the process of persecuting you. You can fight back. And Mr. Remer will fight right alongside you.

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