Drug Manufacturing

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Arrested For Cultivating Marijuana Or Manufacturing Meth?

The cultivation or manufacture of drugs, such as marijuana or methamphetamines, has exploded in recent years. As a result, law enforcement has come down hard on investigating drug manufacturing cases. Prosecutors are eager to obtain convictions for marijuana cultivation and meth manufacturing.

If you have been arrested for manufacturing drugs, you are facing a serious threat to your future. It is essential to quickly consult a lawyer with experience successfully defending against serious drug charges.

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With more than 35 years of experience, criminal defense attorney Frederick R. Remer knows what it takes to provide clients with the aggressive defense representation that is necessary. Contact our criminal defense law firm in Hayward, California, for a free consultation.

In their fight to crack down on drug crime, law enforcement works hard to stop drug offenders at the source – drug manufacturers and cultivators. Our law firm provides knowledgeable representation to California clients facing such serious scrutiny. We defend clients charged with drug manufacturing charges which involve:

  • Growing pot in a marijuana grow house
  • Processing cocaine in a crack house
  • Operating a Meth lab
  • Manufacturing other designer drugs

In addition, simply possessing the materials needed to manufacture or cultivate drugs may be sufficient for prosecutors to charge you with drug manufacturing.

Drug manufacturing is one of the most serious offenses involving illegal drugs. Often charged as a federal offense, a drug manufacturing conviction can result in a harsh prison sentence. Therefore, if you have been charged for manufacturing drugs or believe that you may be under investigation, please contact our Hayward criminal defense law office and start protecting your rights.

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