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2 face gun and drug charges in California

Two individuals in California have been accused of committing both weapons and drug crimes. Their arrests on gun and drug charges took place on a recent Saturday night. Their arrests occurred after a police officer spotted a recreational vehicle he reportedly recognized from prior criminal activity.

The police officer said he found the two individuals in the recreational vehicle. Police also allegedly saw drug paraphernalia inside the automobile. They proceeded to search the motor vehicle.

Former MLB pitcher faces drug charges

A former Major League Baseball pitcher has been arrested for committing a drug crime in California. However, Esteban Loaiza recently decided to plead not guilty to his drug charges, which involve more than 40 pounds of what was suspected to be cocaine. He is now being held on a bail amount of $250,000.

Police arrested the man for drug smuggling after they reportedly found a special compartment that he used to conceal contraband in his car. They later secured a warrant to search the 46-year-old man's rental home. There, they allegedly found packages featuring a white powder, which they believed was cocaine.

Woman receives prison sentence in connection with DUI charge

A woman in California recently received a prison sentence for causing a fatal crash due to driving under the influence. The woman, who was just 17 at the time of the DUI collision, was both cocaine and alcohol impaired when the crash happened. She will spend four years behind bars.

The fatal wreck occurred when the woman blew through a red light quickly and struck a car driven by a 26-year-old woman. The woman whose car was hit died immediately upon impact. The area was experiencing a downpour at the time.

Deputy sheriff faces drug trafficking charge

A sheriff's deputy in California was recently charged with a serious drug crime. He faces charges of engaging in drug trafficking on a large scale. In addition, it is also alleged that he boasted about hiring other police officers to protect dealers, and he also assaulted other individuals for the sake of his clients.

FBI agents took the sheriff's deputy and three other individuals into custody on a Tuesday morning during a sting operation. The arrests occurred when the four men got to a site where they were supposedly under the impression that they would be doing a drug deal. Officials said they had been investigating the 50-year-old deputy for several months prior to his arrest.

Pro skateboarder Bam Margera arrested for DUI

A professional skateboarder in California, Bam Margera, was recently arrested for drunk driving. His DUI arrest took place at about 8 a.m. on a Sunday. The skateboarder, age 38, has apparently been upfront in the media regarding his fight with alcoholism.

Authorities said they spotted Margera on a cellular phone. When they approached him, they reportedly noticed indicators that he was possibly intoxicated. Therefore, they conducted field sobriety testing.

Couple facing drug charges allegedly used drone for drug delivery

A couple in California currently faces charges of dealing drugs from their home by utilizing a drone for making deliveries. The couple was arrested on drug charges following an undercover investigation by police. The man and woman are 39 and 31 years old respectively.

Police said they got a tip about illicit activity taking place at the couple's home and thus started surveillance of the house. They reportedly spotted a drone fly from the property's backyard to a nearby parking area. Then, a package was reportedly dropped from it.

Man arrested for DUI after passenger killed in car crash

A man has been taken into custody in California after reportedly causing a drunk driving accident. The accident occurred early in the morning on a recent Monday. Another man passed away in the alleged DUI accident.

Police said at around 2 a.m., a car hit a concrete wall on a street. The collision destroyed the car's engine and caused the passenger, who was not wearing a safety belt, to suffer fatal injuries. The deceased victim was 22 years old when he died.

Man faces cocaine-related drug charges following traffic stop

A man in California was recently taken into custody for a drug crime. His arrest followed a traffic stop that occurred on a Monday night. The man currently facing drug charges is 26 years old.

Police said they stopped the man on a highway at around 11 p.m. because the driver was weaving. The man reportedly did not have any identification on him. As a result, police decided to search his car.

Man charged with DUI following fatal bicycle accident

A man in California currently faces a charge of drunk driving following a fatal bicycle accident that police said he caused. The incident occurred on a recent Tuesday in a rural hillside. The man facing a DUI charge is 27 years old.  

Police said the man's vehicle struck another man who was riding a bicycle, and the driver then fled the accident scene before emergency responders arrived. Authorities later found and arrested him. A bond of $145,000 was set for the man.

Mother faces drug charges after reportedly giving drugs to teens

A woman in California has been arrested for reportedly supplying drugs to students in high school. According to authorities, she ran a network featuring teenaged dealers. The woman facing drug charges is 48 years old.

Police said the woman's home, valued at $1.3 million, had a reputation for being a party location at which teenagers could obtain pills, marijuana, cigarettes and beer. She ended up being taken into custody in late September and has been charged with hiring a minor to carry or sell marijuana, child abuse and providing marijuana to a child older than 14. Her other charges include stealing by using false impersonation, and giving a minor both Alprazolam, Xanax and/or Suboxone. She faces 37 counts in all.


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