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Memory study justifies need for witness cross-examination

In depictions of criminal trials on television and in the movies, the most suspenseful moments often involve an eyewitness testifying against the accused. Sometimes a jury may wholeheartedly believe a witness’ testimony, and the damage to the defense might seem permanent. In other cases, a criminal defense attorney might be able to expose inconsistencies in that testimony during the cross-examination.

Are federal authorities using Twitter for prosecutions?

Can criminal motive or intent really be discerned from social media posts? Sites like Facebook and Twitter can be accessed by smartphone apps -- a medium format that hardly encourages lengthy prose and strict grammar. Yet one 26-year-old man is now facing potential felony charges for a five-word Twitter message, or Tweet, about President Obama that he characterizes as a stupid joke.

California federal court hears guilty plea from former executive

A high profile, former partner for the accounting firm KPMG recently plead guilty to a securities fraud charge in a federal court in California.


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