Fraud charges implicate potentially long prison sentences

Although violent crimes are often newsworthy because they shock the conscience, lawmakers might regards many crimes involving fraud or deception with near equal distaste. The crimes for white collar crimes, mail fraud, embezzlement and other deceptions often implicate potentially long sentences, as today’s story illustrates.


A young man apparently fear the lifestyle change presented by his girlfriend’s pregnancy. Unfortunately, his reaction crossed the line of the law. According to authorities, the man forged the signature of his obstetrician father in order to obtain a labor-inducing prescription drug, called Cytotec. The man then relabeled the drug’s packaging as containing amoxicillin.

The man convinced his girlfriend that his father had prescribed the falsely labeled amoxicillin as treatment for a potential infection. His girlfriend ingested the disguised, and soon after had to be transported to the hospital, where she miscarried. She was around six or seven weeks pregnant at the time.


As part of his plea agreement, the man might be sentenced to 13 years and eight months in a low-security federal prison camp. His sentence could have been even higher, had he forgone the plea and been convicted of the original murder charge brought against him.


As with violent crimes, many victims of fraud are unsuspecting and innocent. In an effort to protect these victims, lawmakers and prosecutors often treat individuals accused of fraudulent crimes with little sympathy. An experienced criminal defense attorney might have strategies for responding to those aggressive overtones, perhaps with a plea bargain. An attorney might also be able to prepare a strong defense that will hold prosecutors to their burden of proof.

Source:, “Man accused of giving abortion drug pleads guilty,” Sept. 9, 2013

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