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San Francisco officer charged with DUI pleads not guilty

For many people, a clean criminal record is important for finding or maintaining employment. Finding a job is hard enough without a blemished record, which is why something like a drunk driving charge can leave many people feeling worried about their futures. Fortunately, being charged with a crime is not the same as being convicted, and everyone has the right to challenge charges that have been leveled against them.

Chris Brown released after assault charge reduced to misdemeanor

Allegations from all the way across the country are raising questions in Los Angeles after Chris Brown was arrested on suspicion of assault. The musician initially was taken into custody on a felony allegation; however, after spending a day-and-a-half in lockup in the nation’s capital city Brown was released Monday on a misdemeanor assault charge. The issue and allegations may find review in California as Brown remains on probation on a felony domestic violence conviction related to 2009 allegations involving Rihanna.

Governor Brown vetoes drug reform bill

With California’s prisons overflowing Governor Jerry Brown has vetoed a bill to provide more wiggle room in some drug offenses under California law. A San Francisco lawmaker had proposed a bill to provide judges and prosecutors more discretion in making some drug crimes misdemeanor level offenses rather than felonies. While the law would not have given criminal defense lawyers more discretion, the proposed availability of discretionary decisions available in the criminal justice system certainly was of interest on the defense side of the bar.

Court: California battery sufficient to trigger fed gun ban law

Allegations of a domestic dispute can arise in many different ways--and at different times during a relationship. A simple argument may escalate after a relationship grows rocky. Divorcing couples may have disputes as the marriage breaks down. Unmarried couples can also have disputes.


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