Chris Brown released after assault charge reduced to misdemeanor

Allegations from all the way across the country are raising questions in Los Angeles after Chris Brown was arrested on suspicion of assault. The musician initially was taken into custody on a felony allegation; however, after spending a day-and-a-half in lockup in the nation’s capital city Brown was released Monday on a misdemeanor assault charge. The issue and allegations may find review in California as Brown remains on probation on a felony domestic violence conviction related to 2009 allegations involving Rihanna.

On the East Coast, the judge reportedly ordered Brown to report to his California probation officer within 48 hours. Brown was released from custody in the recent incident. Authorities say that a 20-year-old man claims that Brown struck the man during an incident outside a hotel early Sunday morning. Police say that Brown was posing for a photo with a woman when the 20-year-old man tried to photo bomb the picture. Brown and his body guard were later arrested.

In California, prosecutors have been feverishly monitoring Brown and have previously filed probation violations in his domestic assault probation on two prior occasions. Before Sunday’s arrest, brown had already been scheduled for a status hearing on his California probation next month. Prosecutors in L.A. have declined to comment on whether authorities are officially reviewing this weekend’s alleged incident for a potential violation of Brown’s terms and conditions of probation.

The California case made national headlines in February 2009 when authorities accused Brown of striking Rihanna during a dispute in Hollywood. Brown entered into a plea agreement in the felony domestic violence case and received five years’ probation.

Felony domestic violence cases in California often involve allegations of an argument between people who have some kind of relationship and the argument gets out of hand. The laws provide police with harsh arrest powers based upon allegations of a domestic disturbance.

Criminal defense lawyers may negotiate a favorable plea agreement to minimize the consequences of a conviction in appropriate cases.

A plea deal may be one way for a person to avoid time behind bars. However, when a person is placed on probation, allegations of a technical break in the rules may lead to probation revocation proceedings. Similarly, a new arrest while on probation can be complicated by the need to defend against allegations in the new criminal case, as well as in a probation violation hearing.

Source: KTLA, “Chris Brown Ordered to Report to Probation Officer After D.C. Brawl,” CNN Wire, Oct. 28, 2013

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