Police: Rohnert Park man accused of DUI after leaving car

In California, charges of driving under the influence may often follow some kind of routine traffic stop based upon any number of allegations. A broken taillight, an alleged speeding offense, or countless other minor issues may be asserted to support an initial traffic stop. The consequences of a DUI charge may be vastly stricter than the original issue. In some cases, police may simply respond to a minor fender bender and begin to suspect one or more people involved of drunk driving.

In any type of situation, the procedures used by the government—the legal basis for a stop, the tactics used during questioning and other issues may include legal violations. But, not all DUI arrests necessarily include an officer finding a person accused of driving anywhere near a vehicle.

Law enforcement arrested a Rohnert Park, California, man at his home Sunday night on suspicion of drunk driving. Police found an abandoned car on an unidentified street and claim that the registration of the car pointed to the Rohnert Park man’s home. Officials think that the car was abandoned after someone crashed the vehicle into a street sign.

When law enforcement arrived at the Rohnert Park residence at around 7:20 Sunday evening police claim that a 25-year-old man was outside. Authorities claim that the man was having trouble with his house keys when officers arrived.

Apparently, police questioned the man about his evening. Authorities say that the man said that he had been drinking at an establishment in Cotati, California, but needed to get a ride after his car quit working.

Law enforcement claims that the man blew a 0.312 percent alcohol reading on a preliminary breath testing machine. He was arrested on suspicion of DUI.

DUI charges can come with a variety of difficult issues and consequences. A loss of driving privileges, potential exposure to time behind bars, probation and fines are among the more direct consequences. A California DUI defense lawyer can assess the state’s allegations and procedures, and present a criminal defense in the face of the criminal charges.

Source: Santa Rosa Press-Democrat, “Police: Drunk driver abandoned car in traffic," Randi Rossmann, Jan. 6, 2014

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