Ravens running back Ray Rice suspected of domestic violence

Domestic abuse charges can carry long-term consequences for a person convicted of an offense in California. The laws apply to many types of relationships. Allegations can arise after a dispute between husband and wife, former lovers or a couple in any stage of a relationship. Often, disputes may lead to a police response, leaving law enforcement under an obligation to consider making a domestic violence arrest.

Many news reports all across the nation are reporting a variety of allegations surrounding what may allegedly have occurred out east between Ray Rice and his fiancée. Rice is known nationally as a running back for the Ravens. Police arrested the pro football player and his fiancée at a casino on the East Coast on Saturday after the couple allegedly had an altercation.

At least one media account reports that Rice has been charged with simple assault- domestic violence under the law in the state where the allegations arose. However, the article reports that the case is under review by prosecutors. It is not clear if prosecutors may bring additional domestic violence allegations.

Many media outlets are scurrying to find new angles in how to report what allegedly happened. A video tape that is allegedly from the casino has made its way online. Sources claim that a tape shows Rice dragging his fiancée from an elevator at the casino, but it is not clear when that video was captured, or the context in which it was filmed.

A person accused of a crime has the right to challenge the evidence presented by prosecutors in court. The same may not necessarily be said in many cases about what may make the news. The rules of court and those that apply to the media differ in many respects.

Source: The Baltimore Sun, “John Harbaugh says he expects Ray Rice to remain with Ravens following arrest,” Aaron Wilson, Feb. 21, 2014

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