Berkeley man accused of DUI in El Cerrito crash

Authorities claim that a 25-year-old Berkeley man lost control of his car on a wet road in El Cerrito early Tuesday. Police believe that the driver may have been driving too fast on the wet surface. His car struck several things as it moved onto the sidewalk. Police say that the car hit trees, a roadside bench and other items. The accident was reported shortly after Midnight. Police say that several businesses suffered some physical damage.

Police claim that the driver tried to leave the crash site on foot. Officers apparently ran after him and detained him in the wake of the crash. The man was arrested on several charges after police tracked him down. Among the charges, police accuse the man of driving under the influence. A recent account of the arrest in the Contra Costa Times does not indicate what evidence police obtained related to the DUI charge.

In addition to the drunk driving charge, authorities accuse the man resisting arrest. This type of allegation may often be tacked on to other charges in California, especially when alcohol is allegedly involved.

In general, a resisting arrest charge is considered a misdemeanor-level offense. A conviction of the charge on a record may be problematic for a person, if that person has any future contact with law enforcement. Essentially, resisting allegations in California may be based upon a broad range of alleged conduct—the charge is not necessarily based upon only combative allegations.

Similarly, DUI charges are pursued aggressively in California. Defending against a first-time offense may be as important as fighting a repeat offense, as the initial conviction may be used to enhance later allegations.

Source: Contra Costa Times, “El Cerrito: DUI suspect arrested after crashing car into businesses,” Rick Hurd, Mar. 4, 2014

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