Alleged drunk driving in California leads to several deaths

One night of drinking certainly can cause pleasure. However, the good feeling associated with alcohol can easily be replaced by fear and grief if a person decides to drive while intoxicated and ends up killing other people as a result. This is because alcohol is a depressant that slows down an individual's reaction time and hampers his or her ability to focus effectively. One woman who allegedly engaged in drunk driving in California is currently facing this situation.

The woman reportedly drove the wrong way on two different highways while intoxicated. Her actions caused six people, including her sister, to die in a vehicle collision. Now, she is frightened and devastated about the fatalities, according to her attorney.

The 21-year-old woman also suffered injuries in the crash. Nearly 20 people said they saw her driving improperly and at speeds of more than 100 miles per hour before the crash took place. The woman, who has a prior drunk driving conviction, was arrested following the incident and now possibly faces life in prison.

When someone faces drunk driving charges, a felony conviction may be secured if he or she killed others while driving under the influence of alcohol. This person may choose to proceed to trial or instead try to negotiate a plea agreement with prosecutors. In some cases, accused individuals do both at the same time. A person who faces a felony DUI charge indeed has the right to ensure that all of his or her legal rights are safeguarded in California.

Source: Los Angeles Times, "Lawyer: Fontana woman charged with killing 6 in DUI case is 'scared'", Joseph Serna, March 26, 2014

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