2 men face drunk driving charges following California accidents

Being accused of a crime such as drunk driving can be frustrating. If an alcohol-related charge ends up as a conviction, this can negatively affect a person’s reputation and life. For instance, consequences might include jail time and difficulties with landing jobs due to having a criminal record. Two people are currently dealing with this following multiple crashes in California that police say involved drunk driving.

The crashes led four people to be injured. The incident began late at night on a recent Sunday when a man who was 42 years old hit two cars that were parked in a lot. Police suspected that the man had been drinking.

When the man tried to drive off, he ended up running a red traffic light at an intersection, according to authorities. Then, he hit a vehicle that was moving, police said. One witness described him as looking drunk and dazed and said he attempted to stop the man. The person in the moving automobile that was hit was also intoxicated, according to police.

The second driver suffered injuries, including breaking his neck. However, he and the passenger in his vehicle were expected to live. Both men face drunk driving charges, with the first man facing a felony intoxicated driving charge along with a hit-and-run charge. Both individuals may opt to take a plea agreement in order to minimize whatever sentences they may end up getting in California, or they can just go to trial. In either event, they reserve the right to defend themselves in our state criminal justice system.

Source: 760kfmb.com, "Four hurt in DUI crash following hit-and-run", , May 26, 2014

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