Man faces drug charges involving meth ring

If a person is charged with committing a crime involving drugs in California, he or she may battle with multiple emotions. The individual might feel fearful about the possibility of being convicted and confused about the criminal justice process. One man in our state currently finds himself in this position, as he faces drug charges after being accused of operating a meth ring via a sports center.

The sports center where the crime allegedly took place was near an area where kids are involved in summer programs. The man faces 20 charges related to weapons and drugs and chose to plead not guilty recently. He is 41 years old.

His charges include selling, possessing and transporting meth. In addition, a collapsible baton (considered illegal) and seven firearms were seized from his possession, authorities said. Police said they believed that he was the head of the operation involving the drugs, which authorities busted about one year ago. A total of nine people have been arrested in connection with this operation after police investigated.

Five of the other individuals arrested pleaded guilty, and California officials say that they were sentenced already. The man facing these drug charges has the right to force prosecutors to actually prove the allegations that have made against him. Simultaneously, his defense team may also explore the possibility of a plea bargain in order to give the man the option of choosing between a negotiated agreement or a trial. The criminal defense in this type of case is responsible for seeking to ensure that the defendant’s rights remain protected at all times while working to achieve an optimal result under all fo the relevant facts and circumstances.

Source:, "Accused meth ring leader pleads not guilty to charges", , June 3, 2014

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