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Councilman Tubbs accused of drunk driving

One high-profile man in California was recently arrested after police said he was driving while intoxicated. The alleged drunk driving incident took place in the area of Highway 99, where Councilman Michael Tubbs was apparently heading south. At the time of his reported arrest, his blood alcohol content was close to double the legal limit of .08, police said.

Headmaster and woman face drug charges in California

A community can quickly turn on a person who has been accused of engaging in gun crimes. A public figure or leader can easily become criticized, with local residents wanting to see the person behind bars if he or she faces drug charges. However, even though members of the public may immediately jump to conclusions regarding whether the person is guilty, the justice system treats all accused people as innocent until and unless proved guilty in a California court.

Amanda Bynes charged with DUI after running red light

Nickelodeon star Amanda Bynes has found herself in legal trouble again. She had previous run-ins with the law for hit-and-run and DUI. Recently, she was charged with another DUI after a California officer reportedly observed her run a red light.


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