Headmaster and woman face drug charges in California

A community can quickly turn on a person who has been accused of engaging in gun crimes. A public figure or leader can easily become criticized, with local residents wanting to see the person behind bars if he or she faces drug charges. However, even though members of the public may immediately jump to conclusions regarding whether the person is guilty, the justice system treats all accused people as innocent until and unless proved guilty in a California court.

A headmaster and woman in California were recently arrested after being found in the room of a hotel that was filled with hard drugs, police said. The headmaster had worked for a preparatory school in the state. He is 54, while the woman he was allegedly found with is 21, according to authorities.

In the hotel, police said they discovered methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin. The woman's boyfriend is the one who reportedly told police about the pair being in the hotel room, officials said. The man now faces felony-level drug charges. Both the woman and man were charged with possessing meth in order to sell it.

The individuals facing drug charges have the same rights that others facing other types of criminal charges possess in California. They can go to trial to fight for a verdict of not guilty, or they may enter into negotiations for plea agreements with prosecutors and possibly get lesser charges and/or sentences. It is necessary for prosecutors to prove that an accused individual truly did commit the crime charged beyond a reasonable doubt before a conviction will be handed down.

Source: The New York Times, "California Prep School Shaken by Arrests of Headmaster and Woman, 21, on Drug Charges", Conor Dougherty, Oct. 7, 2014

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