Two college students face drug charges in California

Two college students are currently facing drug charges after police searched their California home. The drug charges involve the street drugs and illegal prescription drugs allegedly discovered at their home. Police said a gram of cocaine was found along with a pound of marijuana.

Authorities said other drugs discovered in the house included 34 individual LSD tabs and more than 7 grams of the drug ecstasy. A steroid called human growth hormones was also reportedly discovered there. Police additionally seized cash totaling almost $1,000 along with bags and scales. The two students were arrested on charges of possessing the drugs and intending to sell them.

The search of the students' home was in connection with a police investigation concerning a particular fraternity. Police said they believed the two college students were part of this fraternity. They reported that additional arrests may be made as part of their investigation, which began when a sexual assault allegedly occurred at the students' home. According to officials, this assault might have involved a drug used to commit date rape.

Even when it appears to the public that people facing drug charges are guilty of committing crimes, the criminal justice system views them as innocent unless it is proved beyond a reasonable doubt that they engaged in the illegal activity charged. The burden of proof rests squarely on the government to formally establish each element of the criminal accusations by relevant and competent proof. Individuals who are facing criminal charges have every right to defend themselves under California law and to seek their best interests at trial or through plea negotiations with the prosecution.

Source:, "Drugs found, two Cal State San Marcos students arrested", Teri Figueroa, Dec. 12, 2014

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