Two men face drug charges after police search home

An arrest on drug charges in California can affect a person's future in a multitude of ways. For instance, the arrest can tarnish the individual's reputation in the community; it can also lead to a conviction that makes it difficult for the person to land jobs or rent a car in the future. Fortunately, the person has the right to vigorously battle such drug charges.

Two people were recently accused of committing drug crimes in California. Authorities conducted a search of a home and found cocaine and meth there. Police said the drugs were packaged in preparation to be sold.

The two people who were arrested in connection with these drugs are 19 and 27. According to authorities, the younger man was storing packaging materials, cocaine and meth as well as a scale in the bedroom of his parents. The older man was arrested on charges of possession of cannabis as well as marijuana to be sold. Officials reportedly discovered nearly 80 pounds of pot on the searched property.

It is required for prosecutors in California to prove an accused person's drug charges beyond a reasonable doubt. If this cannot be done, a criminal conviction cannot be handed down in the individual's case. This strict legal standard exists so that innocent individuals are not convicted and sentenced. There must be proof that any drugs found actually belonged to those being charged as well. An in-depth look at the evidence that prosecutors intend to provide in court in order to establish the accused person's guilt is one core area on which the criminal defense may desire to focus.

Source:, "Drug bust in Hollister lands two in jail", Marissa Schwartz, Feb. 17, 2015

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