2 face drug charges following California traffic stop

Two people in California were recently arrested following a traffic stop during which police allegedly found drugs and weapons. The arrests on drug charges took place on a Thursday. Authorities said they stopped a pickup truck that was clocked at 63 mph though the speed limit in the area was reported as 45 mph.

Police said they detected the odor of marijuana while they were talking with the driver. Allegedly, the 36-year-old man admitted to having pot in the rear of the pickup. The vehicle was searched, and officers reportedly found marijuana in a plastic bag, small container and glass jar. Bags containing powder and white crystals were also seized and purportedly ended up testing positive for meth.

The report indicated that a pipe made of glass and an electronic scale were also discovered during the search, along with ammunition, a couple of firearms and multiple knives. Both the driver and a passenger, 39, were arrested. The driver faces charges of possessing a dangerous weapon and drug distribution, which are felonies, as well as possessing drug paraphernalia and speeding. The passenger also faces drug possession, drug distribution, weapons and drug paraphernalia charges.

Prosecutors must prove the California drug charges against each individual and beyond a reasonable doubt. No conviction can occur unless that burden of proof is met. In this instance, the media report does not indicate precisely where the seized items were located. That may play an important part in the coming court proceedings, particularly if most of the items were found in the bed of the pickup truck. Defense counsel for each accused man must carefully assess the proposed evidence and police statements in order to determine the best response to the formal accusations.

Source: stgeorgeutah.com, "2 Californians speed their way to drugs, weapons charges", Kimberly Scott, May 25, 2015

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