Man charged with felony DUI following fatal accident

Being taken into custody for drinking and driving can understandably be a scary experience. What is even scarier is being arrested for DUI after allegedly being involved in an accident that ended up killing another person. One man in California is currently facing this situation.

The accident took place on a recent Wednesday night when one vehicle ended up veering off of the road. According to police, the driver lost control of his vehicle and went across the two-lane road before striking a tree located on the road's north side. Police said that the three men involved in the wreck had previously been drinking alcohol at a friend's house.

One passenger, 26, died in the wreck, while the other passenger, 21, suffered spinal fractures. The man accused of driving the vehicle while intoxicated suffered multiple injuries in the crash, including breaking his arm. This man, 26, faces a couple of felony charges: one for DUI causing injuries and the other for vehicular manslaughter.

Prosecutors in this case have the burden to prove the man's DUI charges beyond a reasonable doubt. Otherwise, a criminal conviction cannot legally be secured in his case. The felony charges are serious because if the man is convicted on these charges, he could end up going to prison for years and have to pay fines. In addition, he would get a strike on his criminal record, and his driver's license would be revoked for a certain period of time. The man has the right to defend himself against the charges with the help of proper legal guidance in California.

Source:, "UPDATE: Driver arrested on DUI charge in deadly Prunedale crash, CHP says", Jake Reiner, May 6, 2015

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