4 face drug charges following California traffic stop

Four people in California were recently accused of committing drug crimes. They were arrested on drug charges on a Thursday at about 1:50 a.m. The arrests took place following a traffic stop along Highway 101.

Police said they pulled over a car after they noticed that the front windows were tinted and that the car lacked a license plate. When police drew near to the car, they reportedly smelled pot. Authorities said the 41-year-old car driver gave police a container with marijuana in it. Her driver's license has been suspended for years, and she had previously been convicted of DUI charges.

After police searched the car, they allegedly discovered multiple bags filled with cash and drugs. The people inside the car told police that the property belonged to them. The items in the car included not only cash totaling $17,000 but also 26 tubes of LSD, a jar with LSD and many containers filled with cannabis pills that were concentrated. Police reported that they also found a couple of tiny containers with cocaine and many pounds of pot that were packaged to sell. Drug paraphernalia was also reportedly found in the vehicle.

The four individuals were arrested on various drug charges, including possessing drugs and transporting drugs for sale. However, the government has the burden of proving the individuals' charges beyond a reasonable doubt; only then can they be convicted at trial. The individuals accused of committing drug crimes are guaranteed the same legal protections given to people facing other types of criminal charges in California.

Source: pressdemocrat.com, "Four arrested on drug charges after Santa Rosa traffic stop", Bill Swindell, July 30, 2015

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