Man accused of drunk driving, killing wife

One person lost her life after being involved in an alleged DUI crash in California. The accident was reportedly caused by the woman's husband. The man is now facing drunk driving charges in connection with the crash.

Police said a 33-year-old man was driving while intoxicated on a recent Sunday evening. The vehicle then flipped. His wife, who was riding in the vehicle, suffered fatal injuries in the wreck.

The two children of the couple, ages 14 months and 3 years, suffered no injuries in the crash. Police said they believed that the woman was the most badly injured due to the direction in which the vehicle flipped. Her husband was taken into custody and faces several charges, including DUI leading to bodily injury, child endangerment and vehicular manslaughter while alcohol-impaired.

Drunk driving charges might lead to penalties such as time behind by bars if an accused person ends up being convicted in court. The problems caused by these types of convictions may last years, keeping the person from being able to land a job or rent an automobile. It is for this reason that drunk driving charges have to be proved beyond a reasonable doubt before a person can be convicted. The fact that the man lost his wife in the recent California crash will undoubtedly make the criminal justice proceeding more challenging; however, he will ultimately have to respond to the charges filed against him, which involves either going to trial or agreeing to a negotiated plea deal with the prosecution.

Source:, "Man Arrested on DUI Charges After Wife Killed in Car Crash", Marin Austin, Aug. 10, 2015

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