UFC's Travis Browne may face domestic violence charges

One high-profile individual in California was recently accused of domestic violence. The wife of heavyweight Travis Browne said he committed domestic violence against her, an accusation that sparked an investigation by the UFC. The UFC celebrity may also face legal trouble in connection with the alleged domestic violence.

Browne's wife, Jenna Renee Webb, said her husband had abused her. However, the UFC's investigation into allegations of domestic violence that were made against Browne yielded inconclusive results. The UFC thus decided to lift Browne's temporary suspension, so he is now allowed to return to competing.

When the allegations of domestic violence first arose in July, Webb said she would not press charges against Browne. However, because the UFC did not find conclusive evidence of violence, Webb said she would go ahead and press charges. She said she did not believe that the truth had come out and would allow the state of California to decide whether or not she indeed was a domestic violence victim.

If an individual is charged with domestic violence, he or she may decide to go straight to trial to fight these allegations or may take advantage of the chance to plea bargain with prosecutors if given the opportunity. Plea bargaining may offer the advantage of leading to reduced charges or a lighter sentence. Those accused of domestic violence or other types of crimes in California have the right to defend themselves and to take full advantage of all of the legal protections afforded to them under the state law.

Source: bloodyelbow.com, "Travis Browne's wife says she will press domestic violence charges", Mookie Alexander, Aug. 28, 2015

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