Man faces drunk driving charges in California

One man currently faces serious criminal charges, including drunk driving charges, in California. The drunk driving charges stem from an alleged incident in which the man, age 22, became intoxicated and then drove in the wrong direction on a freeway. He reportedly caused a vehicle accident that led to the deaths of two people.

The accident happened when the two individuals were on their way to an airport with other family members to go to a wedding. After the crash, the man, who is said to have caused it, admitted to police that he had consumed two vodka shots and three beers at a party before leaving to get some Mexican food. That is when he drove his car the wrong way, going into Interstate 15's carpool lanes from a ramp. He crashed into the family's car head-on.

Not only did two people in the car, ages 55 and 84, die, but also three others suffered injuries. A judge recently determined that there was enough evidence for the man to stand trial on charges of both drunk driving and gross vehicular manslaughter. Even though a trial date has been set, the judge urged the attorneys to settle this case, as most facts will not be in dispute.

When people face drunk driving charges, they have the right to go straight to trial to fight these charges. However, they may also be given the chance to plea bargain with the prosecution. A plea deal may offer the benefit of leading to a lighter and, thus, more favorable sentence for the defendant. Defense counsel will strive for an outcome that is in the accused person's best interests, while also ensuring that his or her rights are not violated at any point during the criminal proceedings in California.

Source:, "Trial ordered for driver in fatal DUI crash", Dana Littlefield, Oct. 22, 2015

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