Bus driver faces charges related to alcohol, drug possession

One man in California faces criminal charges after police said the party bus he was driving was found to have over 30 teens in possession of drugs and alcohol. The incident leading to charges related to alcohol and drug possession took place on a recent Monday. The teens had intended to celebrate the start of summer on the party bus.

According to authorities, the teens were going to have a party for six hours while the bus went around a couple of cities. However, an anonymous tipster warned police that a bus filled with minors and booze was getting ready to leave a particular terminal. One teen, a boy who is 16, had reportedly reserved the party bus online and made a $900 cash payment for it without having to provide identification.

When police arrived at the bus at around 5:40 p.m., they reportedly found a lot of illegal contraband. Officials said the bus smelled like marijuana and alcohol, with 30 different containers found to contain hard alcohol. They also reported finding marijuana in a jar, as well as empty or half-filled containers of alcohol in the trash. Fake IDs and prescription drugs were allegedly discovered as well. Police said the bus's driver also had methamphetamine, alcohol, drug paraphernalia and prescription drugs, along with a switchblade.

The bus driver currently faces several misdemeanor charges related to the teenagers' drinking, along with a charge for possessing methamphetamine, which is a misdemeanor, and carrying an open alcohol container in the vehicle's driver's compartment. Unfortunately, an arrest for drug possession or an alcohol-related crime in California can have major consequences for a person's professional and personal life. Fortunately, defense counsel may help a defendant to resolve the matter without having to go to trial, which can end up saving the person time and headaches.

Source: Los Angeles Times, "Party bus driver charged after 33 Marin County teens found with pills, booze, fake IDs", Joseph Serna, June 22, 2016

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