DUI charges filed after several killed at festival

A motor vehicle accident involving a pickup truck recently led to the deaths of four people and injuries to several others in California. Police said it was caused by DUI, and they arrested a man in connection with the incident. The man facing charges of drunk driving is 24 years old.

The vehicle accident occurred at a little past 3:30 p.m. According to authorities, the man, who was suspected of being intoxicated while driving, struck the guard rail of a bridge with his pickup. His vehicle then reportedly rolled off the bridge and plummeted 60 feet before landing in a crowd of individuals at a park.

The man suffered injuries and was sent to the hospital along with several other injured people. He now faces charges of DUI leading to injury/death as well as DUI manslaughter since he also killed four people. Over 100 people were at the park at the time of the crash, as a festival was being held there.

The man facing DUI charges has the right to proceed to trial to fight these charges. He also may be presented with the opportunity to negotiate a plea deal with prosecutors, which might offer the advantage of leading to lighter charges and/or a more lenient sentence for the accused. In either situation, defense counsel will push for an outcome that is in the client's best interest considering the circumstances surrounding his criminal case in California. The criminal defense will also strive to make sure that none of his relevant rights is violated during any stages of the criminal proceeding.

Source: nbcsandiego.com, "DUI Suspect's Truck Flies Off Coronado Bay Bridge, Kills 4", Monica Garske, Oct. 15, 2016

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