Woman pleads guilty to intent to sell cocaine

A woman who used to be a flight attendant for JetBlue recently pleaded guilty to a federal drug charge. According to officials, the woman attempted to smuggle cocaine in carry-on luggage. She then reportedly fled when she was pulled aside to have her bags searched at a California airport. She was later arrested and charged in federal court with conspiring to possess the drug with the intent to sell it.

The woman is said to have had 60 pounds of the drug in her bag when the incident happened. Authorities said the drug amount was potentially worth $3 million. She is slated to appear for sentencing in March 2017.

The woman initially faced a charge of possessing and intending to distribute cocaine. However, the allegations filed against her were expanded to conspiracy after she was reportedly discovered to have been working with a co-conspirator, who was not indicted. The crime to which she pleaded guilty is punishable by at least 10 years in prison.

When people in California are accused of the possession of drugs with the intent to sell them, they may proceed to trial with the goal of fighting the charges filed against them. As an alternative, they may seek to a negotiate plea deals with prosecutors, which offer the benefit of lighter charges and/or more lenient sentencing considerations. Either way, the criminal defense will fight for an outcome that is in the client's best interests considering the circumstances surrounding the case. Defense counsel will also strive to ensure that none of the client's legal rights are violated during any stage of the criminal proceedings.

Source: NBC Bay Area, "Ex-JetBlue Flight Attendant Pleads Guilty in Cocaine Case", Dec. 12, 2016

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