Alleged DUI accident leads to 1 death, 2 injuries

A truck passenger recently died in a California collision that police said was caused by driving under the influence. The alleged DUI crash occurred in the early morning hours on a Saturday. The man believed to have caused the crash now faces multiple criminal charges.

The car accident took place at about 2:40 a.m. According to police, a man who was driving his pickup truck while under the influence suddenly collided with a utility pole. When authorities arrived at the scene, they found two passengers inside the truck and determined that one had lost consciousness.

Police pulled the unconscious passenger out of the automobile and administered CPR before the paramedics could arrive at the scene. However, that passenger died at the crash scene, while the second one was taken to the hospital. Authorities later found the alleged driver after a witness told police he was the one who had been behind the wheel. He was also transported to a medical center with severe injuries. Police reported that he might face several charges, such as vehicular manslaughter while under the influence.

Driving under the influence is among the crimes that are most vigorously prosecuted in California. Unfortunately, a DUI can have stiff consequences if a conviction is secured, including jail time and a marred criminal record. An attorney can review a defendant's case and recommend the best move for the defendant to take. The attorney's ultimate goal is to get the charges reduced or even removed depending on the circumstances surrounding the case.

Source:, "Man Killed After Suspected DUI Driver Crashes Truck Into Utility Pole", May 21, 2017

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