Alleged gang member faces drug charges

A man in California has been taken into custody after allegedly possessing both firearms and drugs. The man's arrest on drug charges and other criminal charges took place on a recent Friday morning. According to police, the man is known to be a gang member.

The man's arrest occurred after police went to his home to serve a search warrant there. Through the search warrant, police were reportedly able to recover over $20,000 in cash. Police said they also found a .45-caliber firearm that was loaded.

Following an investigation, police said they determined that the 25-year-old man had paid over $11,000 in cash for a 2008 motor vehicle. Authorities were able to seize this cash and the automobile as potential profits from drug sales. The man currently faces many charges related to gang, drug and firearm crimes.

The consequences of any drug crime in the state of California can be stiff from a legal standpoint, including time behind bars. A drug conviction can also have negative personal repercussions, such as ruining one's reputation or making it challenging to get a job in the years ahead. However, the criminal defense will scrutinize all evidence that the prosecutors intend to furnish to prove drug charges, as in some cases, police make arrests with no evidence that the drugs they discovered belonged to the parties being arrested. Police may also erroneously ignore California rules involving search and seizure, which means any evidence gained cannot be admitted in court. The goal of defense counsel is to make sure that all of the client's rights and best interests are protected during this type of criminal proceeding.

Source: Santa Cruz, CA, Patch, "Santa Cruz Gang Member Arrested On Suspicion Of Drug, Firearm Offenses", April 18, 2017

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