Man charged with DUI following fatal bicycle accident

A man in California currently faces a charge of drunk driving following a fatal bicycle accident that police said he caused. The incident occurred on a recent Tuesday in a rural hillside. The man facing a DUI charge is 27 years old.  

Police said the man's vehicle struck another man who was riding a bicycle, and the driver then fled the accident scene before emergency responders arrived. Authorities later found and arrested him. A bond of $145,000 was set for the man.

The man faces charges of gross vehicular manslaughter associated with being intoxicated, as well as being involved in a hit-and-run accident leading to serious bodily harm or death. In the county where the incident reportedly occurred, cases of DUI have skyrocketed 150 percent during the past two years. In addition, accident files reveal that DUI cases involving injury have risen since 2015.

The man who has been charged with a DUI in California has the right to proceed to trial to fight this charge aggressively. Prosecutors have the burden of proving the charge beyond a reasonable doubt before a conviction can take place. This standard exists in an effort to prevent innocent people from being convicted of crimes they did not commit. However, instead of going to trial, the man might decide to seek to negotiate a plea agreement, which may lead to lighter charges and thus a more lenient sentence than what he might be given if found guilty at trial. In either situation, an attorney will pursue the most favorable outcome for the defendant in light of the facts of the case.

Source:, "Tulare County man charged in fatal DUI hit-and-run", Sheyanne N Romero, Nov. 12, 2017

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