Man faces cocaine-related drug charges following traffic stop

A man in California was recently taken into custody for a drug crime. His arrest followed a traffic stop that occurred on a Monday night. The man currently facing drug charges is 26 years old.

Police said they stopped the man on a highway at around 11 p.m. because the driver was weaving. The man reportedly did not have any identification on him. As a result, police decided to search his car.

During their search, authorities allegedly discovered 11 small bags that each held around a gram of cocaine. They said these bags were in the car's cup holder and center console. The man was then arrested on suspicion of driving with a suspended driver's license and misdemeanor drug possession. He stayed in jail instead of paying a bond of $2,500.

The man has a couple of options following his drug arrest in California: he can go immediately to trial to fight the charges, or he may seek to negotiate a plea deal with prosecutors. If he chooses to go to trial, prosecutors must prove the man's drug charges beyond a reasonable doubt before any conviction can happen. This high standard exists in an effort to prevent innocent people from facing criminal convictions and associated sentences. The benefit of seeking a plea agreement instead is that it may lead to a lighter sentence than what the man may be given if found guilty at trial. An attorney will push for the most favorable outcome for the man in either scenario given the facts of his case.

Source:, "Sonoma County traffic stop leads to cocaine arrest", Randi Rossman, Nov. 28, 2017

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