Mother faces drug charges after reportedly giving drugs to teens

A woman in California has been arrested for reportedly supplying drugs to students in high school. According to authorities, she ran a network featuring teenaged dealers. The woman facing drug charges is 48 years old.

Police said the woman's home, valued at $1.3 million, had a reputation for being a party location at which teenagers could obtain pills, marijuana, cigarettes and beer. She ended up being taken into custody in late September and has been charged with hiring a minor to carry or sell marijuana, child abuse and providing marijuana to a child older than 14. Her other charges include stealing by using false impersonation, and giving a minor both Alprazolam, Xanax and/or Suboxone. She faces 37 counts in all.

Police began to investigate the woman, whose oldest daughter is a senior in high school, when parents discovered Suboxone in their own daughter's room. This pain-relieving drug is also useful for combatting addiction to opioids. Police said that, when the parents looked at their child's phone, they discovered text messages in which she was asking for pain medicine. One of the arrested woman's children was the daughter's friend.

The woman may choose to proceed to trial to fight the drug charges. Alternatively, she may choose to seek to negotiate a plea deal with prosecutors, particularly if the weight of the evidence that prosecutors plan to offer to support the allegations appears to be strong. An attorney in either situation will strive to make sure that the defendant's rights are not violated during any stage of the California criminal proceedings.

Source:, "California Mom Supplied Drugs to Local High School", Chris Jasurek, Oct. 21, 2017

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