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Is your wife addicted to her prescription pills? Warning signs.

Your wife is an amazing woman. She is smart, fierce and strong. Besides being a loving soulmate, she is also a fantastic mother. When she was injured last year, it was hard to see her in pain. She continued to be tough. She attended school functions. When she could, she started working a little at a time.

Now that it’s been awhile, her pain has decreased. You notice that she is in good spirits. Her mobility is better. However, you’ve noticed that she is still taking some of those prescription pain pills the doctors gave her. You don’t want your wife to be in pain, but you can’t help but wonder if she has become dependent. You also question how she can possibly still have an active prescription.

What are the real signs you should look for?

  • How quickly is she going through pills? Look at her prescription bottle and pay attention to how often she says she needs to get more. If you are able, pay attention to how many times a day she is relying on the pills.
  • How is her mood? Your wife has been through a lot. You see glimpses of the person she was before the accident and that is great. But do her moods change often? Does she seem depressed or withdrawn? If you notice that she seems erratic or on edge it could be addiction.
  • How do the finances look? You may consider looking at the bank account. If the pills are not a prescription, or she is having multiple prescriptions filled, it will cost money. Watch for any strange cash withdraws.
  • How is her appearance? Pills can impact physical appearance. Look at the shape of her pupils. Watch for any itching, sweating or flushing.

If you notice any of these signs, you may want to voice your concerns to your wife. Approaching the situation can be stressful, but dealing with addiction early can help minimize the risk of your wife becoming involved in other dangerous or illegal activities. You may consider researching questions to ask, speaking with a specialist or hiring a counselor to help you approach the subject.

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