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Don't face felony DUI charges alone

Everyone stops out for a drink after work, right? This isn't exactly true, although many do indulge in spirits after work hours. How a person gets home after enjoying a few drinks is important. It is illegal to get behind the wheel when one is intoxicated beyond the legal limits.

Because of this, one may be facing charges related to DUI or felony DUI. There is a big difference between the two, as the latter is obviously charged as a felony and the other, a misdemeanor. Felony is most characterized as one convicted of such a crime would be a convicted felon and they could face one year or more in jail. However, one is not convicted of a crime merely because they are accused of one.

At the Law Offices of Frederick R Remer, we know how an allegation like DUI can be affected your life, or lives of loved ones. The truth is, an arrest for driving under the influence (DUI) related to drugs or alcohol can result in a suspended license, stiff fines and jail time, even for a first-time offense. In addition, a DUI arrest can cause chaos and unrest in a person's work and personal life. We are here to defend our clients against accusations of DUI.

All criminal defenses will look different based on a person's specific situation and the allegations against them. Understanding what one is charged with is the first step in building a quality criminal defense. Criminal defense strategies can come from a variety of point-of-views and it's important to develop yours. You may or may not take the stand when accused of DUI in a criminal trial.

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