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Drunk driving arrests trending fewer in bay area

Recent reports have shown that drunk driving arrests have trended down in the last two years in the San Francisco bay area. What would cause a decline in nearly 2,400 arrests in a two-year span? At first, authorities and the city were scratching their head. Then they realized the factor introduced that could have impacted the result of fewer drunk driving arrests.

That factor is ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft. Studies by the University of California at Davis found that arrests had declined by 32 percent in San Diego, 28 percent in San Jose, 26 percent in Sacramento and 14 percent in both Los Angeles and the San Francisco-Oakland area in the two years after ride sharing began in each of the areas. These are significant numbers and it means far less people were facing potential criminal charges for drunk driving or intoxicated driving allegations. Other large cities that use the ride-sharing apps, like Las Vegas, have also seen huge decreases in the amount of intoxicated driving allegations.

There has been talk of the intoxication levels being stricter, some want to reduce it from the .08 BAC to .04. This reduction, if it goes through, would ensure that a person have a drink or less before getting behind the wheel. .04 BAC leaves almost no room for alcohol consumption of any kind before getting behind the wheel. However, these are just talks, nothing has been set in stone or has passed officiating bodies.

DUI checkpoints are a common means in which a person is accused of driving intoxicated. These DUI checkpoints are set up and cars are picked at random or if they show signs of intoxicated driving behaviors. There is another way to get home, thanks to rideshare apps. For those facing felony DUI, consider what this could mean for your future if convicted and act appropriately.

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