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Acts that could be considered domestic violence

Disagreements can turn into fights, which can turn into something neither side wanted to happen. However, if a line is crossed, a conflict could be considered domestic violence. Did you also know that domestic violence acts can occur without any actual conflict? This is because acts of domestic violence can be physical or mental and emotional.

So. this begs the question, what acts can be considered domestic violence? The easiest to recognize are acts of physical violence, many of which leave a mark on the body. The harder ones to distinguish are the acts that cause mental or emotional turmoil. However, there are also sexual acts that can be considered domestic violence, as well as threats or even financial abuse. In short, there could be more than one way to engage in or be the victim of domestic violence acts.

Domestic violence can effect partners and family members, among others. For example, a wife could be experiencing allegations of domestic violence abuse per her husband, as could her children be suffering under their father. However, sometimes only one person is the target of domestic violence in the household. It can be even harder for children or spouses to watch the domestic violence happen to other loved one's in their household.

It's not unheard of for domestic violence allegations to be false, or have no basis in truth. All people are innocent until proven guilty, especially when it comes to an act like domestic violence that could impact home life, work life and even personal freedoms if charged with a crime. Temporary restraining orders may be put in place in instances when domestic violence is alleged.

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