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Has a loved one's addiction led to credit card fraud?

Opioids can seem like a lifesaver when doctors prescribe them to individuals suffering from serious pain. On the other hand, opioids can also seem to destroy lives when people become addicted to them. Unfortunately, opioids are highly addictive, and even someone who starts out using the pills as a prescription pain reliever could succumb to addiction.

Addiction can also result in someone carrying out other unseemly behaviors, some of which could be illegal. If you have a loved one who suffers from opioid addiction, you may have become a victim of his or her behavior, such as having your credit card stolen so the person could pay for drugs. In fact, this type of addiction and credit card fraud often correlate.

The costs of addiction

Because you are not the one suffering from the addiction, you may often feel baffled by your loved one's actions. Of course, you undoubtedly know that his or her desire to gain more of the drug is what drives the behavior. You may have felt relieved that your family member found relief from his or her pain, but after the person continued using the drug after no longer needing it, your relief may have turned to concern.

At first, your loved one's behaviors may not have bothered you to a great extent, but later, you may have noticed one of your credit cards missing or maybe you received notice of concerning charges to your card that you did not make. Your thought may have jumped to your loved one having used your card to support his or her addiction.

The cost of opioids on the street are considerably inflated. For example, if a person receives a 10-milligram pill of oxycodone from a doctor, the cost is approximately $1.25. On the street, that same pill would cost approximately $10. That amount may not seem like much overall, but addiction results in individuals building up a tolerance and needing more of a substance to reach the feeling they once got with less. Soon, your loved one may not be able to afford the drug habit and steal from you.

Criminal repercussions

Because you love your family member, you may want to help him or her in other ways than contacting police about the unauthorized use of your credit card. However, it is possible that he or she may commit credit card fraud against others, and it is likely that criminal charges for fraud could result, which could also lead to drug charges if authorities find cause to make such allegations.

In such a case, you may fear that your loved one will not know where to turn for help. Though you have been wronged as a result of the addiction, you still want to help because you love this person. As a result, you may take steps to find out legal information that may be of use to your loved one, including speaking with a California attorney.

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