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Are you facing false allegations of domestic violence?

If you are a passionate person, you may find that certain situations overwhelm you with emotions, sometimes good and sometimes bad. This is not always a negative thing because that passion motivates you to accomplish your goals, to stand up for your beliefs and to defend yourself when you are right.

Unfortunately, if you allow your passions to take over when you and your spouse disagree, others may easily misunderstand your words and actions. In fact, as natural as it is for spouses to have heated arguments from time to time, if the relationship between you and your partner is already strained, you may find yourself facing accusations of domestic violence.

Protecting your name and your future

You may understand how critical it is for law enforcement to err on the side of the alleged victim when he or she claims a spouse has been abusive. It may be the difference between life and death in some situations. However, this assumption is also one of which an accuser may take advantage. Knowing the dire consequences you may face if convicted of domestic abuse, your spouse may level those accusations to gain the upper hand in your breakup. Some of those consequences include these:

  • You may lose custody of your children.
  • The court may restrict you from any access to your children, including visitation rights.
  • A judge may issue a court order forbidding you from returning to your home, even to collect your belongings or to retrieve money or items you need for your job.
  • If you attempt any contact with your spouse while a protection order is in effect, you risk arrest and jail, even if the contact is by sending a message through a friend or family member.
  • An order of protection against you can result in the loss of other rights and can damage your personal and professional reputations.

If an argument between you and your spouse ended with you in the back seat of a California police car, you have a lot to lose. Your first priority must be to clear your name and to demonstrate your innocence of the charges of domestic violence. Unlike most other criminal charges, you may find yourself having to prove your innocence instead of your accuser having to prove your guilt. Having an experienced attorney in your corner is a good way to improve your odds during this challenging fight.

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