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Man faces drug charges for methamphetamine possession

California law enforcement is constantly trying to catch people who might be involved in drug trafficking, sales, possession and other drug crimes. Often, arrests are made after a traffic stop in which the initial investigation had no link to suspected drug violations. When a person is charged with possession, there is much to think about when formulating a defense. The amount the person is alleged to have had, the circumstances of the arrest and the drug itself are key. One key to handling the case is to have a strong legal defense.

Eliminating old convictions under new marijuana law

When California legalized marijuana in 2016, it also provided a pathway for thousands of people to clear marijuana-related criminal convictions from their records. The provision applies to people who were convicted only of certain minor offenses that are no longer considered crimes under the new law, and allows them to retroactively eliminate some convictions and reduce sentences for others.

Doctor charged with murder in opioid overdose deaths

As the opioid crisis continues to ravage parts of California and the rest of the nation, attention focuses not just on users and black market dealers, but also on pharmaceutical companies and medical professionals who, critics say, created the problem by flooding the market with highly addictive opioid-derived painkillers. Some professionals have faced criminal charges.

Drug charges after five years of Proposition 47

In 2014, California voters approved sweeping changes to the state's sentencing laws for certain felony crimes when they voted in favor of Proposition 47, also known as The Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act. Five years later, the law remains controversial, with proponents saying it has improved the lives of communities and opponents saying it has increased crime. It is beyond the scope of this blog post to say which side of that debate has a better argument, but there is no question that Proposition 47 has made a positive difference in the lives of people accused of drug crimes.

Marijuana black market lives on after legalization

When California began allowing legal marijuana sales for recreation use a little more than a year ago, some advocates for the change said legalization would eliminate the need for a criminal marijuana underground. So far, it appears that this has not been the case.

State still struggling with marijuana legalization

Almost two years into California's legalization of recreational marijuana, state lawmakers and law enforcement officials are still struggling with how to regulate and manage the newly legalized industry of marijuana sales. Recently, 25 local governments sued the state, seeking to overturn a new rule that allows home deliveries of marijuana.

Man booked into Santa Rita jail after traffic stop

To many, the open road symbolizes freedom. However, there isn't complete freedom out there, as those on the road still need to abide by the laws and duty of care that are expected of them under state and federal law. Recently, a man was pulled over for a routine traffic stop in Alameda County. What the officer allegedly found has the man facing drug charges, among others.

Intent to distribute drug charges can be life-altering

We've all found ourselves in unwanted and unexpected situations at one time or another. Oftentimes we manage to escape with nothing more than a little discomfort However, many individuals in the Hayward-area have found these circumstances to leave them facing criminal allegations related to drug use and intent to distribute. Being accused of these types of charges can have a serious impact on a person's life, which is why they must be aggressively challenged.

Six men charged in Alameda County with alleged drug crimes

Individuals in the East Bay can face the potential of serious consequences when they are accused of drug crimes. Without properly and aggressively defending themselves, these individuals may wind up facing years or even decades behind bars, financially ruinous fines, and irreparable damage to their reputation. This is why those who have been accused of these offenses need to take action to protect themselves and their future.

Drug crime accusations needn't turn into drug crime convictions

Prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications are readily available and prescribed. Meanwhile, several substances are considered controlled substances and the use or possession of such could lead to criminal charges. If you are accused of a drug crime, there are ways to examine the situation to attempt to create the most favorable outcome possible.

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