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2 face drug charges following California traffic stop

Two people in California were recently arrested following a traffic stop during which police allegedly found drugs and weapons. The arrests on drug charges took place on a Thursday. Authorities said they stopped a pickup truck that was clocked at 63 mph though the speed limit in the area was reported as 45 mph.

California residents have the right to domestic violence defense

Charges of domestic violence filed in California are often the result of an argument that escalates between two individuals. When an individual is arrested on charges of domestic violence, it is natural for outsiders to readily label the person a criminal. In the eyes of the law, however, the individual remains innocent until his or her guilt can be proved beyond a reasonable doubt, and he or she has the right to a domestic violence defense.

Man faces drug charges in California following home raid

An individual in California has been arrested and charged with committing crimes involving drugs. He recently decided to strike a plea deal with prosecutors in light of the drug charges. As part of the deal, the man will end up spending a few years behind bars.

Two men face drug charges after police search home

An arrest on drug charges in California can affect a person's future in a multitude of ways. For instance, the arrest can tarnish the individual's reputation in the community; it can also lead to a conviction that makes it difficult for the person to land jobs or rent a car in the future. Fortunately, the person has the right to vigorously battle such drug charges.

Hockey player faces domestic violence charges

Getting charged with a crime not only paints a negative image of a person in the community but also could negatively impact the person's criminal record. One high-profile individual in California was recently charged with domestic violence at the felony level. According to officials, Slava Voynov, a defenseman for the National Hockey League Kings, faces a felony count related to corporal injury involving a spouse.

Man faces drug charges following California traffic stop

One man in California was recently arrested on drug charges. In this situation, it is normal for a person to be scared and uncertain about whether he or she will be able to retain his or her freedom. The individual's criminal defense can help the person to vigorously go to battle against the drug charges filed against him or her.

Motorcycle gang members indicted on drug charges

Several people in California were recently indicted on charges of drug trafficking. According to authorities, the individuals facing these drug charges are considered to be members of a motorcycle gang known as Vagos. Even though they are members of a motorcycle gang, they have the same rights as other people facing criminal offense charges.

Robert Downey Jr.'s son faces drug charges in California

Generally, young people may end up making mistakes due to their inexperience, which can lead to poor decision-making. Many times, young people tend to make the same mistakes made by their parents. This may be the case with Robert Downey Jr.’s son, who was recently arrested in an incident in California. Indio Falconer Downey is now facing drug charges related to cocaine.

Man faces drug charges involving meth ring

If a person is charged with committing a crime involving drugs in California, he or she may battle with multiple emotions. The individual might feel fearful about the possibility of being convicted and confused about the criminal justice process. One man in our state currently finds himself in this position, as he faces drug charges after being accused of operating a meth ring via a sports center.

Federal appeals court upholds domestic violence gun ban

Small disputes between spouses may escalate or be exaggerated to the point that domestic violence charges may flow. Moreover, domestic violence allegations are not limited to married couples under California law. Some people who are charged with a misdemeanor may decide to simply admit to the charges, hoping to just put the matter behind them--and without any analysis regarding the law or possible criminal defenses to the allegations.


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