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Posts tagged "drug possession"

2 face drug charges following California traffic stop

Two people in California were recently arrested following a traffic stop during which police allegedly found drugs and weapons. The arrests on drug charges took place on a Thursday. Authorities said they stopped a pickup truck that was clocked at 63 mph though the speed limit in the area was reported as 45 mph.

Woman in California accused of drug trafficking

A California woman currently faces drug trafficking charges. People in the local community who learn of her arrest related to drug trafficking may immediately label her as a criminal, but in reality, she is presumed innocent before the court until and unless she is actually proved guilty. The woman was arrested on a recent Sunday.

Woman faces reduced drug charges in connection with fatal crash

It can be a harrowing experience to be told that one may face penalties for allegedly taking part in a crime. One woman in California was recently charged with felonies after reportedly using drugs and getting into a car accident that led to the deaths of multiple people. However, the 52-year-old woman is now facing new drug charges with lighter penalties.

Governor Brown vetoes drug reform bill

With California’s prisons overflowing Governor Jerry Brown has vetoed a bill to provide more wiggle room in some drug offenses under California law. A San Francisco lawmaker had proposed a bill to provide judges and prosecutors more discretion in making some drug crimes misdemeanor level offenses rather than felonies. While the law would not have given criminal defense lawyers more discretion, the proposed availability of discretionary decisions available in the criminal justice system certainly was of interest on the defense side of the bar.

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