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Woman in California accused of drug trafficking

A California woman currently faces drug trafficking charges. People in the local community who learn of her arrest related to drug trafficking may immediately label her as a criminal, but in reality, she is presumed innocent before the court until and unless she is actually proved guilty. The woman was arrested on a recent Sunday.

Motorcycle gang members indicted on drug charges

Several people in California were recently indicted on charges of drug trafficking. According to authorities, the individuals facing these drug charges are considered to be members of a motorcycle gang known as Vagos. Even though they are members of a motorcycle gang, they have the same rights as other people facing criminal offense charges.

Several face drug charges in alleged trafficking case

It is easy to immediately label someone a criminal if he or she has been accused of a crime. However, jumping to conclusions can be detrimental, as a person really may not be guilty at all. According to the law in California, those who face drug charges are innocent unless this is proven otherwise by an exacting standard of proof. Four individuals in our state recently found themselves in this situation.

10 California gang members taken into custody on drug charges

In California, ten alleged gang members, including two brothers and a mother-daughter team, were charged with selling methamphetamine in July 2013. The 10 were charged in eight separate indictments that were originally sealed but opened during the fall of 2013 as the individuals were taken into custody on the drug charges. The last of the people to have their indictment unsealed was a 27-year-old man. Nine of the 10 were being held to await further proceedings, their pretrial detentions serving to disrupt what a lawyer with the U.S. Attorney's Office called a substantial gang presence in the area.


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